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Colleges and universities across the country have been facing increased scrutiny of conflicts of interest, as well as new funding agency policies related to foreign influence. Accordingly, the University's Policy on Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment requires that each faculty and exempt staff member report their activities annually. For the 2020 reporting year, faculty and exempt staff members with less than full-time employment were included to align our practices with our policy.

Part-time employees, including instructors, bring valued knowledge and expertise from their professional experiences to their University of Maryland work and teaching. The University recognizes, however, that these very beneficial experiences may create the occasion for real, potential, or apparent conflicts of interest and commitment. Most of such conflicts can be managed if we are aware of them.

You are being asked to provide information about paid and significant unpaid professional activities, as well as significant financial interests or management responsibilities in outside companies. Professional activities are those related to the area of expertise in which you work or teach. In addition, all activity related to foreign governments or entities must be reported. More detailed information and examples may be found in the What types of activities should be reported? article.

Specific questions about what you should report should be directed to your department chair. In general, if you are unsure about whether an activity should be reported, you are encouraged to include it on your OPA survey.

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