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When you review a survey and mark it as Not Compliant, you are indicating that you have a concern about a potential conflict of interest or commitment. When taking this action, you will be asked to provide additional information about the circumstances and rationale for your choice. Indicating that a potential concern exists does not mean that the employee has violated the policy; it means that further examination is needed to assess the concern. Before taking this action, you may want to discuss it further with University compliance officers; for more information, see the What should I do if I believe an employee has a conflict of interest or commitment? help article. Information about individuals who are marked as Not Compliant and their reported activities will be available to compliance officials at the University, who may follow up with you and/or the employee as necessary.

You may want to watch part of an academic leaders' panel discussion on this topic. You can also watch the full video and choose topics of interest from its table of contents.

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