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The OPA Liaisons are individuals chosen by the division head (i.e. dean or vice president) to be a primary contact between IRPA and the division about the Outside Professional Activities (OPA) system. They support OPA processes in their division and can be a helpful contact person for faculty, staff, and administrators.  They also may request updates to security roles within the OPA system.

Academic Divisions

AGNR - Glenda Canales and Victoria Pearlman

ARCH - Don Linebaugh

ARHU - Daryle Williams

BMGT - Kim Kasak

BSOS - Patricio Korzeniewicz

CMNS - Gene Ferrick

EDUC - Hakim Scott and Kimberly Griffin

ENGR - Hugh Bruck

EXST - Hilary Sazama

GRAD - Scott Roberts

INFO - Doug Oard and Melekte Truneh

JOUR - Rafael Lorente

PLCY - Todd McGarvey

SPHL - Coke Farmer and Steve Roth

UGST - Jackie Kautzer and Kathryn Robinson

USG - Nitshu Joshi

Non-Academic Divisions

DIT - Meredith Lee

FM - Ava-Lisa Macon

LIBR - Terry Owen

PRES - Ann Tonggarewee

VPAF - Emily Cosci

VPR - Susie Pesce

VPSA - Erin Iverson

VPUR - Lisa Lepore

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