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Reviewers, liaisons, and approvers can select the View Current Surveys option from the Administrator Tools page to access detailed OPA submission information. Following some general information at the top of the page, there is a set of drop-down filters to help the user focus on certain surveys:

  • The Department filter allows users with access to multiple departments to focus on a specific one.
  • The Ready to Review? filter helps users focus on surveys that are ready to be read and acted upon (Yes option); those that are not yet ready, if any (No option); and those that have already been acted upon (Reviewed option). Surveys become Ready for Review once they are submitted or once the survey due date passes.
  • The Limit to Surveys with Activities? filter lets users focus on surveys with activities, which might require more scrutiny than surveys that do not have any activities.

The list of OPA surveys follows. The table shows a row for each employee required to complete an OPA survey and additional high-level information about their survey:

  • Comments: an icon will appear if a reviewer or approver has entered a comment on this survey.
  • Self-Reported Compliance: an icon will appear if the employee indicates they do not believe they are in compliance with the University policy or they are not sure. Hover over the icon for more information.
  • # Activities Submitted: after a survey has been submitted, the number of activities entered will appear here.
  • Status: indicates the status of the employee's survey in the overall OPA process

Each survey can be viewed by clicking anywhere on a row in the table, or by clicking the EXPAND ALL SURVEYS button.  When expanded, the survey panel shows details about the individual's survey and its review/approval:

  • Self-reported compliance statement; and the explanation entered by the employee, if applicable
  • Comment previously entered by a reviewer or approver, if one exists, along with the name of the commenter and a timestamp
  • List of submitted activities

The Add Comments button, or the Edit Comments button if a comment already exists, will appear at the bottom of the survey panel. Comments can be used by reviewers to communicate helpful information to approvers. This might include the reviewer's attempts to get the individual to complete their survey, or the reviewer's thoughts on the submitted activities and their compliance with University policy. There is space for one comment per survey; editing a comment replaces an existing comment. Comments are only visible to approvers, reviewers, and liaisons. Once the approver acts on a survey, the reviewer can no longer edit or delete a comment.

To delete a comment, click Edit Comments and then click the Delete button.

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