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By approving an individual's Outside Professional Activities survey, you are confirming to the best of your knowledge that:

  • The survey has been completed accurately. You believe the individual made a good faith effort to report their outside professional activities, and you are not aware of activities that were not but should have been reported. You are not accountable for activities not reported for which you did not have prior knowledge.
  • You have no reasonable basis to believe the individual has not met their obligations to the University.
  • Reported activities comply with the University's Policy on Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment and do not constitute a real or apparent conflict of interest; or, if it appeared that such issue were present, the individual concerned worked through the President's Advisory Committee on Conflict of Interest to remove or manage the conflict in a manner required by University policy.
  • Appropriate prior permission was obtained for paid work performed for other agencies of the Maryland State Government or foundations affiliated with University System of Maryland institutions (e.g., the University of Maryland College Park Foundation and the University System of Maryland Foundation).

Individuals for whom the above statements do not apply should be marked as Not Compliant. Information about these individuals and their reported activities will be available to compliance officials at the University, who may follow up with you and/or the employee as necessary. For more information, see the following help articles:

Some types of activities may present risk factors that warrant additional consideration or action. Examples may include but are not limited to:

  • Any outside professional activity that the approver is aware of but was NOT reported on the individual's OPA survey, i.e. extended business travel;
  • Activities that include employee-owned companies unless already disclosed to campus;
  • Activities conducted in foreign countries beyond normal conferences, workshops and campus-sponsored research, especially those that raise concern for the approver (i.e. possible additional positions held abroad unless already disclosed and managed by campus); or
  • Participation in foreign talent programs, e.g. "thousand talents"

For more information about considerations for reviewing OPAs, you may want to watch this academic leaders' panel discussion. Use the video's table of contents to select topics of interest to you.

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