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As the OPA survey moves through the approval process, it will be assigned different statuses:

  • Unopened - the employee has not yet opened the survey
  • Opened - the employee has opened their survey.  They may or may not have entered any activities or indicated compliance.  They have not yet submitted the survey.
  • Submitted - the employee has submitted their survey (indicating that they are finished), but the approver has not yet reviewed it.
  • Approved - the approver has reviewed the submitted survey and has indicated that they believe that the employee is in compliance.
  • Not Submitted - given that the employee was required to submit an OPA, the approver has determined that the employee cannot or will not submit the survey; and the approver has provided an explanation for their action.
  • Not Compliant - the approver has reviewed the submitted survey, has identified potential concerns about the employee's compliance with the University policy, and has provided an explanation for the decision.

The OPA system also uses these statuses to help approvers determine which surveys are Ready for Review:

  • Not Ready for Review - Unopened and Opened surveys, until the survey due date has passed
  • Ready for Review - Submitted surveys, as well as Unopened and Opened surveys after survey due date
  • Reviewed - Approved, Not Compliant, and Not Submitted surveys

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