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How do I enter a new activity into the system?

To enter a new activity, open or edit your survey, and click the ADD NEW ACTIVITY button.

Enter information about the activity into the window that opens. 

Required fields are marked with a red asterisk. Indicating an activity was paid will require you to enter the estimated hours worked over the course of the report year. Unpaid activities should also include estimated hours worked, unless the activity was among those listed in X. The Type of Organization dropdown has a scroll bar that you can use to find the correct choice.

What happens when I finish with an activity?

Once you have entered all of the required information, the SAVE button will become enabled for you to save your activity.  If you need to cancel your work, there is a CANCEL button as well.

Once the activity is saved, you are returned to the survey page, and the activity is listed.

How do I edit or delete an activity?

Click the pencil icon to the right of an activity to edit it, or click the trash can icon to delete it.

You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete a saved activity.

What do I do after entering my activities?

Follow the steps in the How do I complete my OPA survey? help article to finish and submit your OPA survey.

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