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How do I access my survey?

Go to, click on "Complete My Survey" and you will be taken to submission home page.  If the system is open for data collection and you have not started your OPA survey, you will see information on whether you are required to complete the survey, when the survey is due, and a button to open your survey.

If you have already started working on your survey, the button will show EDIT SURVEY.  If you have submitted it but it has not yet been acted on by your approver, you will have the options to VIEW SURVEY or UNSUBMIT AND EDIT the survey.

Once I open my survey, what will I see?

When you open your survey, your will first see the report year, your Survey Status in the top-right corner, a link to the Policy on Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment and instructions on what what types of activities should be reported. Below that is an area to enter any activities and to certify your submission. At the bottom are buttons for saving the survey.

I have no activities to enter, what do I do?

If you have no activities to enter, you will want to go to the Certification section and select the "I did not engage in any outside professional activities" option.  Then click the Save and Submit button.

I have at least one activity to enter, what do I do?

Please see the article How do I enter activities in OPA? for information on entering activities.

After entering all of your outside professional activities, you will need to certify your submission. Choose one of the three options describing your compliance with the policy.

What happens if I believe I am not in compliance with the policy, or I am not sure?

If you choose either "I believe one or more of my activities may not be in compliance with the policy" or "I am not sure whether my activities are in compliance with the policy," you are required to enter a personal statement as an explanation for that choice, which will help your approver understand your individual situation. This explanation should focus on the activity or activities that led to the choice you made.  You are encouraged to talk with your department chair or supervisor if you have questions or concerns about your activities or compliance. You may wish to use the SAVE AND CLOSE button to store your information while you discuss your concerns, but you must return later to SAVE AND SUBMIT your survey.

Can I change my submitted survey?

Submitting your survey indicates that you are ready for your approver to review your survey. However, you can unsubmit and edit your survey until your approver has acted upon it, or until the survey period closes, whichever happens first. If you unsubmit and edit your survey, you will need to save and submit it again in order for it to be reviewed by your approver.  You can also view what you have submitted without choosing to unsubmit.  Once the survey has been reviewed, you will be able to view but not edit it.

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