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First, speak to the individual. If there is concern that they may not have reported something that should have been reported, seek clarification and possibly request that they revise their OPA survey. Remind faculty members that some outside professional activities may also need to be disclosed on federal grant applications.

In cases of conflicts of interest in research or development, the employee must complete a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form. Before initiating this process, please contact the Conflict of Interest Office ( to discuss the circumstances and receive guidance. This guidance typically includes a discussion with the employee/faculty member about the relevant details of the situation, followed by advice about the appropriate information to include on the disclosure, and strategies for the development of a management plan to expedite approval by the Conflict of Interest Committee. More information about this process can be found at

In cases of conflicts of interest under State Ethics Law not involving research or development, the State Ethics Commission should be consulted. Faculty, staff, or other employees or a unit head may seek guidance about consulting with the Ethics Commission from the University’s Office of General Counsel, 301-405-4945.

In cases of conflicts of interest under University policy not involving research or development, as well as conflicts of commitment, questions will normally be resolved at the level of the unit head. If resolution cannot be made at this level, the matter should be addressed at the next higher level of supervision.

In cases of foreign activities of concern, please contact the Export Compliance Office ( to discuss the circumstances and receive guidance.

In all cases, please keep your dean's or vice president's office apprised of any concerns. Information about individuals who are marked as Not Compliant and their reported activities will be available to compliance officials at the University, who may follow up with you and/or the employee as necessary.