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The Central Authentication System (CAS), Virtual Private Network (VPN) andMulti-Factor Authentication (MFA) systems are important tools that allow you to access University resources in a secure manner.  Depending on the resource you are trying to access, you may be required to utilize one or more of these systems. 

It's also helpful to note that MFA is a way of authenticating that can be used by the both the CAS and VPN systems (but usually just one at a time).

For example:

  • Web applications (e.g. Gmail, Tableau Server, SAS Visual Analytics) generally enforce MFA through CAS.  When you go to these sites, if you're not already logged-in to CAS, you can expect to see a CAS prompt, followed by an MFA prompt. 
  • Desktop applications (e.g. Tableau Desktop, SAS Enterprise Guide) generally enforce MFA through a specific VPN group that requires MFA (i.e. UMaccess-MFA).  To use these desktop applications, you generally will connect to the VPN first, complete the MFA prompt, then enter your Directory ID and password directly into the application.
  • When you are off-campus, you may be required to connect to the VPN, even when accessing web applications.  For Tableau Server and SAS Visual Analytics, you can connect to any VPN group, even if it does not include MFA, because MFA is guaranteed to be enforced through the CAS log-in to those web applications.  However, if you happened to select the UMaccess-MFA group, you would need to complete the MFA prompt twice: once for the VPN connection, and once for the CAS log-in.

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Using MFA to log-in to the VPN after setup
Using MFA to log-in to the VPN after setup

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