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DateEventMore Information
February 8, 2021System opens for faculty/staff to enter Calendar Year 2020 activities.Reviewers and approvers may begin to monitor OPA submission activity in their departments.
March 12, 2021Deadline for faculty/staff to submit their OPA survey

Individuals can make corrections to their survey as needed, up until the time when the approver acts on the survey. 

March 22, 2021System opens for OPA approvers to act on OPA submissions

Approvers are strongly encouraged to begin reviewing surveys at this time and not wait until close to the deadline.

Approvers are encouraged to reach out to the Conflict of Interest Office throughout their review to discuss potential concerns.

Before this date, approvers may read but not yet act upon OPA surveys.

April 16, 2021

Deadline for OPA approvers to enter survey decisions

Deadline for faculty/staff to make survey changes

Approvers may continue to discuss potential concerns with the Conflict of Interest Office and may update their survey decisions accordingly until the system closes.

April 30, 2021OPA system closes for approval changes
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