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The new reporting site replaces the IRPA Profiles site as well as other "executive reports" that allow users to access information with little knowledge of the data warehouse or querying tools.


Where to find reports

In addition to using ad hoc query tools such as SAS Enterprise Guide, many users consume warehouse data through pre-built (or "canned") reports.  These reports exist throughout various systems, including transactional systems themselves along with specialized reporting tools.

Faculty/Staff Reports - Tableau Help

Use this guide to help answer your common questions about using Tableau Reports.

Faculty/Staff Reports - SAS Help

Use this guide to help answer your common questions about using SAS Reports

Hands On Exercise for Faculty/Staff Tableau Reports

These exercises will help you learn to use the Faculty/Staff Tableau reports to find information. To answer these questions, you will be selecting the correct report to meet your needs, and setting the filter options within that report.


The Central Authentication System (CAS), Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) systems are important tools that allow you to access University resources in a secure manner.  Depending on the resource you are trying to access, you may be required to utilize one or more of these systems. 

 Reports Site Preview

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