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Project Overview

The Decision Support Project has been designed to modernize the data ecosystem at UMD and the accompanying centrally deployed and supported tools used for reporting and data extraction. Maryland’s ecosystem was developed more than 15 years ago and must now be replaced. In some cases, the replacement is necessary because the existing tools are no longer supported by the vendors (e.g., Profiles and Hyperion). In other cases, the replacement is necessary because the architecture has become unwieldy and brittle (e.g., Data Warehouse, reporting tools).

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These pages will continue to evolve to support the community and the project. We ask that you contact team members as you find areas for improvement and contribute resources where you see a need. Use the link above to view the public site for general project information and updates.

Site Content

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  • Using reports.umd.eduThe new reporting site replaces the IRPA Profiles site as well as other "executive reports" that allow users to access information with little knowledge of the data warehouse or querying tools.
  • Using SASSAS offers a suite of products that allow users to query and manipulate data, perform statistical analyses, and prepare both static and interactive reports.
  • Using TableauTableau is a commercial product used to create data visualizations, most often for display on the web. Tableau uses a point and click interface and requires little programming knowledge to get started.
  • Data DocumentationThis project stream is responsible for documenting the data contained in our systems and the warehouse.
  • Using Google GroupsGoogle Groups is one tool used to facilitate discussion between various communities involved with the Decision Support project, along with other projects and initiatives. 

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